• Embossing folder uses


    In this tutorial, I'll show several different ways to use embossing folders. Here's a card using one of the finished papers I embossed, sanded, and inked.

  • Step 1


    Place paper in the embossing folder.

  • Step 2


    Build your sandwich for running it through the machine. This particular folder was very thick so the sandwich needed to be thin. I used the platform, the embossing folder, and one cutting plate. It takes some experimenting to get the thickness right. Just run it through the machine and see what happens. If it's too thick, it won't go through and you need to remove some tabs. If it's too thin, you need to add some thickness with cutting plates or shims.

  • Step 3


    After you run it through the machine, it looks like this. Pretty, isn't it?

  • Step 4


    This one is run through a different folder. This is the debossed side of the paper.

  • Step 5


    This piece of paper was run through the same embossing folder, but this time I used white daisy ink on the folder before I ran it through the Big Shot. This is the result.

  • Step 6


    This is the first piece of paper, but I have now sanded it.

  • Step 7


    And, this is the last example -- the piece of paper I used on the card. This piece is sanded, then inked.

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Julie Odil