• Making of Kim Chi


    My attempt to make Kimchi for the second time. I used the basic recipe from Chow.com.

  • Step 1


    This ingredient, Kochukaru/Gochugaru -the Korean Pepper powder is very important to the making of Kimchi. Do not used normal red pepper flakes in place of Kochukaru because the taste and texture will be different. Since I don't read Korean it made for an interesting time at 99 Ranch. Thank goodness for Google...

  • Step 2


    What else you will you need? Napa Cabbage, a bunch of green onion, carrots, radishes, ginger and garlic

  • Step 3


    Also, salt, sugar, and fish sauce. Some recipes call for shrimp paste but I omitted that...

  • Step 4


    Cut the napa cabbage place in BIG bowl. Add 1/2 cup salt and mix till cabbage is coated with salt, then add enough water to cover. Cover and brine for 12-24 hours...

  • Step 5


    After 18 hours, the napa cabbage is soft, pliable and half the size. Wash numerous times to remove the salt and dry...

  • Step 6


    While cabbage is drying, prepare the rest of the ingredients...

  • Step 7


    Add the fish sauce and mix...

  • Step 8


    Add the cabbage and mix well. Most recipes have you used your hands to mix but I ran out of gloves so I used utensils to mix...

  • Step 9


    Put the kimchi into an air tight glass vessel. I placed plastic wrap first then the lid. Store in a dark cool area for 24 hrs then transfer to the fridge...

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