• Toddler Painted Canvas


    November's theme for the Design Team is 'Thankful For.' Instead of creating a project that shows just what I am thankful for, I created a project for the people I am thankful for. My family. And hopefully this will remind them to give a little thought to the things they are thankful for.

    My project this month is an altered canvas that was first painted by my son. It is a great way to incorporate some toddler art into your seasonal display!

    I would like to add that I am also thankful that my two year old "'assistant" didn't make an enormous mess :)

  • Step 1


    I cut my shapes and letters out with my Cricut. The letters were pretty straight forward, but I wanted to maximize paper usage for the shapes so I used my Gypsy. I cut out the same shapes on various papers. The letters I cut out on vinyl and stuck down to the canvas before I started the next step.....

  • Step 2


    Now, this step isn't for the faint of heart....

    Grab your toddler, preschooler, teenager or whatever you have handy. Grab some paint and brushes (fingers work as well, but my "helper" insists on a brush) and let them go to town! I did step in and make sure there was lots of paint over the letters. This helps them from moving while your artist is working and is very important later when you peel them off.

  • Step 3


    Let the paint set a bit and then peel off the vinyl letters. I also grabbed a paint brush and touched up the letters where any paint bled through.

    Once the paint has had a chance to dry completely you can then decorate. I played around with the placement a lot before I committed. And then I took pics before I took everything off to glue it down.

    I used a hot glue gun to glue everything too the canvas (and only had one blister!).

  • Step 4


    I finished it off by hot gluing some nice wide May Arts ribbon. I thought this helped frame it nicely and provides a hanger for the canvas.

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