• Altered Wooden Santa


    This altered wooden Santa figure is made with paint and paper, finished off with a metal layered flower Note that I did not include a face on my Santa. My youngest insists that I put Santa's face on, but I'm not sure I want to just yet. I may go back and add it later, which is entirely possible with the Mod Podge.

  • Step 1


    Here are all of the products you will need to make this project
    (not included in this picture: black paint, sanding/distress tool and TH Distress Inks in Antique Linen and Walnut Stain )

  • Step 2


    With the black paint, cover the base of the figure and also paint the boots

  • Step 3


    Using the red paint, cover the edge areas of the figure that you plan to line up with the red paper. It's a good idea to allow some of the laint to carry over the edge to the front and back a bit so that you have some consistency of color flow

  • Step 4


    Do the same with the white paint

  • Step 5


    While the paint is drying, assemble the pieces of the layered flower using Glossy Accents

  • Step 6


    Your assembled flower looks like this

  • Step 7


    On the wrong side of the red paper, trace and cut out your paper for the figure. You will cut a piece that covers the figure down to the tops of the boots, which have already been painted. Cut one for each side. Originally I tried to cut mine with a craft knife;:however, I discovered that it is easier to trace the shape and then cut with scissors. Ink paper edges with Walnut Stain.

  • Step 8


    Apply the paper to either side using Mod Podge (since this is a heavier cardstock, I coat the back side first, glue it on, and then coat the front side).

  • Step 9


    Cut and piece white card stock to line up with white edges. This is done by hand,. Ink edges with Walnut Stain and apply using Mod Podge.

  • Step 10


    Apply another coat of Mod Podge and seal with acrylic.

  • Step 11


    Using Antique Linen TH distress ink and an inking pad or makeup sponge, distress the painted areas (it will come out looking just like your inked paper!) Carefully coat the red areas of your figure with red glitter paint (note that this paint contains red glitter but the actual liquid dries clear, so that your red paper will show through). Take care to not get any of the paint on the white areas. Don't forget the edges!

  • Step 12


    Using a looping movement, apply the clear glitter glue to the white areas and edges. The idea is not to cover these completely, although you may do that; however, I decided to try to get a wooly look.

  • Step 13


    Affiz your metal flower with Glossy Accents and allow to dry (you can see here that I laid the figure flat, propping it up on my MM metal tool box so that the body area is level).

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