• How to Scrap NinaN Style!


    How to Scrap NinaN Style. Or How to make a sketch work for you!

  • Step 1


    Spread your sketch, photos and papers across your workspace so you can get a good look at what you want to do!

  • Step 2


    I am making a one page sketch into a 2 page layout.

    Pick out your base sheets and lay your photos out how you think you would like them.

  • Step 3


    Choose and size out the way you want your accent papers to look. These will be trimmed to a narrower horizontal width like in the sketch.

  • Step 4


    Trim your photos and lay them down how you would like them. Remember you are not securing anything down yet! This will give you a guide for the width you want the accent papers.

  • Step 5


    Trim you accent papers. Lay them back down with the photos and start adding embellishments.

  • Step 6


    Now that you have figured out where you want everything you can go ahead and adhere it down. I did one side at a time so I could refer to the other half while I was working. I did the right side first since it had the least on it.

  • Step 7


    Finish off by adding your pictures and journaling. I also faux stitched with my journaling pen. I feel like it may still need something, but I shall leave it for now :)

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