• Shadow Box Card - Sept DT


    A Shadow Box Card tutorial - With Water Stamping!

    NinaN's September DT Project for CropChocolate.com

  • Step 1


    Measure your center image. Decide on the width you would like your frame to be. I made mine ¾.” Now if you add the width of your picture to the width of the frame on both sides you can figure out the width that your finished card will be and can cut the base cardstock. The height is figured out the same way BUT you need to ADD an extra ¼” (or more if you are making your frame deeper than ¼”). So now on my cardstock, I would measure in ¾” from the bottom and ¾” from one edge.

    If you aren’t too confused yet (and it really isn’t that hard when you are doing it, it just sounds confusing, and I am probably not doing the best job of explaining it!), you will now want to score the center panel of your card. This is the exact measurement of your center piece (mine is 4 ¼” by 4 ¼”). It will be centered from the bottom and sides the width of your frame (mine is ¾”). Hopefully this picture I made (with some bad Microsoft Paint editing ;) will help and not confuse! For the top score line (where the card will fold), you will measure up from your center image ¾” (or whatever your frame width is) and score. And then score up from there ¼” (or whatever your frame depth is). The frame depth and this fold score need to be the same so the card sits properly when it is closed.

  • Step 2


    After you have scored your center image, you will want to score in from that the depth that you want your frame to be. Mine is scored in ¼”.

    Now you will want to draw a pencil line from corner to corner. These will be your cutting lines. If you have a square image this is simple, just draw a straight line from corner to corner. If you are using a rectangle image you will want to mark and cut the little corner squares separate from the larger center area (it doesn’t line up perfectly in a rectangle). Now go ahead and cut those lines and fold them out and fold again along the scored line.

  • Step 3


    See now, that wasn’t too hard! Now you can decorate as you wish. I found the easiest way to insert my center image was to put adhesive on the flaps, open them up, stick my image in upside down and fold the now sticky flaps down onto it. You could also put adhesive on the back of your image or the flaps and put it in from the front. You will want to place a piece of paper the same size as your image over the back side to cover up the flaps on the inside of the card.

  • Step 4


    As promised, here is a quick how to for water stamping. It is very simple and easy and I love how it looks!

    Ink up your paper (with dye inks).

    Place a wet paper towel on a plate.

    Use the wet paper towel with your stamp, as if it is an ink pad (but just get the stamp image wet, not dripping). Stamp your paper.

    The image will crisp up a little more as it dries.

  • Step 5


    All done!

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