• How to: Cinch Binding


    This quick step by step tutorial will show you how to bind a note book or mini album with the Cinch machine by We R Memory Keepers.

  • Step 1


    Pull the numbered peg according to the chart at the bottom of machine. for an A2 sized book, you need to pull peg 8 and shift the ruler over 1/8". Then punch all of the papers for inside your book in small batches(the machine can handle about 10 sheets of cardstock at a time or 20 sheets of printer paper). Next up, punch holes in the front and back covers of your project.

  • Step 2


    Count the number of holes on your project(7 for an A2) and cut the binding wire so that there are that many loops for your project. Place the wire on the pegs on the side of the base and thread all your papers, then your front cover(with the inside of it facing the papers) and then your back cover(with the inside of it facing towards you) onto your wires.

  • Step 3


    Check the wire size on the side of the machine and change it if you need to by pushing in and turning the knob. Now take your book and carefully put the open side into the back of the machine under the machine press. Finally push the handle of the machine down until the both sets of loops on the wire are very slightly over lapping. Flip your back cover over so it becomes the cover(it will hide the wire binding).

  • Step 4


    Now you have a completed wire bound mini book. Decorate the cover however you would like. I did mine above with strips of pattern paper that I punched with a border strip, crumpled with my fingers and then adhered down at an angle.

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